Being a successful blogger takes a lot of hard work and dedication, not all become successful many quit at the very beginning because they are not seeing instant results and others quit because they just simply get lazy. A beginner with the right training and guidance shouldn’t have a tough time building a Successful Blog because he or she knows what to expect in terms of results and knows how to optimize their pages for better rankings. In this post I will like to share some valuable tips on how to become a Successful Blogger.

These are some major tips you should consider when creating your blog, “Find a Niche” and “Update your content” are two big reasons why people fail in the online marketing industry. finding a niche you can relate to gives you a bigger variety on the topics you can write about.  For example if I have a blog about energy drinks I could share a post on how the energy drinks helps me improve my overall performance in football, This will provide good unique content for your readers. I do not recommend selecting a niche based only on its popularity because you can’t really relate to it, The amount of information you write on it would be limited.



  • Find Your Niche – Before creating a blog, Make sure you choose a niche that’s to your best interest, This is key because many  people choose a keyword because of its popularity only and that’s a huge mistake. You want to choose a keyword that you will have a lot to talk about and you can relate to.
  • Write Unique Content – You do not want to provide the same content as your competitors, Use your competitor’s to grab ideas from them and then create your own unique post.
  • Choose Your Keywords – Focus on the keywords you’re selecting for your articles. Choose low competitive keywords, These will increase the chances of your post being ranked on google and showing up on the first page of search results, Everyone wants their post to be #1 on google search results. I use Market Samurai to find my keywords, its a great Online Marketing Software and is FREE TO TRY.
  •  Update Your Content – I recommend updating your content at least 3-5 a week, Add new topics and create new articles for your subscribers.
  • Email Marketing – If you want to be a successful blogger you must have an Email Marketing Service. This will help you engage with your subscribers by sending them emails of new articles and any updates with your blog. Send them free offers once in a while to keep your subscribers satisfied.



The Blueprint is already created and it is not hard to find, Simply search for successful bloggers in your niche, Analyze their website, Grab ideas and create a look alike blog but with your unique content and information. If the design of a successful bloggers website looks the way it does and has that specific content, its for a reason so take advantage of it.

  • Analyze the design of their website
  • What Topics are they writing about
  • How often they update their blog
  • Follow them and build a relationship by commenting on their blog


                          DO NOT QUIT!! TRY THESE USEFUL TIPS FIRST


  • I Am Not Seeing Results – Be patient creating a Successful Blog takes time and dedication, Just be patient and disciplined. Keep updating your blog as usual share it with everyone and you will see results come in your way, IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT TRUST ME.
  •  I Get Lazy To Write A Post – Don’t worry its normal it happens to me all the time. In my mind I picture “writing a new post” like something valuable that I must complete. If that doesn’t do it, I also drink a cup of coffee and that does the job. Blogging while being stressed out don’t go together its nearly impossible to brainstorm while having stress. When I go through this situation I exercise and go out for a little run to release all my stress, Give it a try it might work for you aswell.
  • My Articles Are Not Ranking On Google – If your articles are not ranking up on google then that’s because your post is lacking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read this article on SEO and if that doesn’t work, Contact me I’ll be more than glad to help you.



Providing valuable content for your readers and updating your blog constantly is what makes a successful blogger, Sharing valuable information with your audience and offering your support is not an easy task but if done correctly it can bring a lot of happiness to you and the life of others. Just be patient make sure you are doing everything the right way, Updating your blog constantly, Optimizing your pages and sharing them with others. Its nice to earn good income through your blog but there is nothing more valuable than helping someone become successful and then they thank you for all the support, ITS PRICELESS! If you have any questions on how to become a successful blogger, Feel free to contact me I’ll be more than glad to help you become successful