Backlinks play a huge role when improving your Page Rank on google. There are two types of backlinks called DOFOLLOW and NOFOLLOW . These links are usually created when you add your websites link on another website, Like for example commenting on other blogs and attaching your websites link to it or Creating social media accounts and adding a link to your website on the profile section. Some links add value to your websites rankings and others give little to no value, Below is a short definition of both types of Backlinks so you can have a better understanding.


Where To Get Backlinks Types Of Links

Dofollow Backlinks –  These are the type of links you want to focus on mainly when dealing with Backlinks. Webmasters and Search Engines love Dofollow links, They are not easy to find but worth searching for. The goal is to find a high page ranked website PR1 and above and add a link to your website, Once indexed they will transfer traffic to your blog and improve your SEO.


Benefits of Dofollow Backlinks


  • Are trusted by search engines
  • Increases the chances of your link being indexed
  • Are not easy to find
  • More Dofollow Links, Better page rank
  • SEO Boost to your website
  • Will Improve your websites rankings




Nofollow Backlinks – These type of links also help drive more traffic to your website but they don’t contain any SEO value. If a link is a nofollow that means that it wont be indexed by google and it will not improve your PAGERANK. Nofollow Backlinks carry the rel=’nofollow’ tag telling search engines not to follow the links.


                                           Benefits of Nofollow Links

  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Redirects people to your website
  • No SEO value but could help generate more traffic
  • Provides valuable referral traffic


Where To Get Backlinks My Opinion

In my opinion, Its not about just finding Dofollow Backlinks, You need to build a mix of all types of links and focus more on building valuable content and building relationships with others in the same niche. Yes Dofollow backlinks will give you a huge boost when improving your page rank but what good is having tons of dofollow links to your page if the content is very poor and has no value. The idea is to create valuable content for your viewers, Once you complete that everything else will come along without you even realizing it. I focus mainly on the TOPIC that I’m going to write about, By sharing my knowledge maybe I will be able to help someone else solve their problem. Once I finish creating my post I then share it on all my social media platforms, I comment on other blogs with my link attached to it and I just wait for the results. I will optimize it Depending on how well its ranking on google and continue to write new content for my viewers. Below are some ways you can add Backlinks to your site.

  1. Social Backlinks –  Create an account and add your link on the profile section, Some are Dofollow and some are Nofollow
  2. Guest Posting – Some Blogs allow guest posting, just make sure you follow their terms.
  3. Buying Backlinks – Make sure to do some research and read reviews on the Seller before purchasing, adding too many backlinks at once can cause harm to your website, google will consider it as spam and you will be penalized.
  4. Pingbacks – Way of sharing your post with others
  5. Submit Articles
  6. Forums
  7. Contacting Website Owners – Trading links
  8. Comment – Leave a comment on other blogs, review their work and share your opinion