Great Facebook Ads / Tips

1- Read Facebook Terms Of Use before creating an ad, This way you know what’s allowed what is not. Skipping this step might result in your ad not getting approved for violation.


2- I recommend you first get some likes to your Facebook Fan Page. When someone visits your page, One of the first things they usually look for is “How many likes your Facebook Page has?”  By having a low number of likes, Visitors might not find your page worth viewing so they might move on and search for another page.


3- When creating a Facebook Ad, Make the title and description catchy and easy to understand, You don’t want to give out too much information and you don’t want to sound too good to be true either. Be very honest with what you are offering, The idea is for visitors to click on your ad because they want to know more about your offer.



4- If you are using an Image for your ad display, Make it very interesting for example, If your ad is about a beauty supply you might want to use an attractive person as the image. Cartoons sometimes work well, Adding Borders to your Images also tend to improve results. Using Neon Colors can also lower the Cost Per Click.



5- In my opinion, Videos for ads work best for the fact that most people rather watch than read. By using a video, You can also provide a better description on what you are offering. Just make sure don’t violate the Facebook Terms.

6- Target your local area first, Build your brand name in your local area and them move on to another city. For some reason people gain more trust and click on ads that have some connection with their current neighborhood.



7- Split test many ads with different images and descriptions, leave them running for some time and then see which ones are performing better and once you analyze them pause the ones that are not performing well and then repeat the process until you find a winner, The goal is to create an ad that’s costing .01-.05 per click.



I hope these tips on Great Facebook Ads were very useful, If you are interested in more advanced tips on creating Facebook Ads, Please feel free to contact me I’ll be more than glad to share my knowledge with you.